Event FAQs

What is the Clash of the Amazons?

Clash of the Amazons is South Carolina’s first all-women’s fitness competition hosted by CrossFit Abyss.  The competition is a one day fitness festival that will test your overall fitness level across the three modal domains during three different workouts.  The competition is set for Saturday, June 27th 2015. The focus of fitness events is almost always on the high performance male divisions, which foreshadows all the potential and true performance that females are capable of.  This event allows females a chance to demonstrate their true fitness where they are able to celebrate their achievements and be rewarded for their performance.  And most importantly, they have 100% attention at the event.

How/When do I register?

Registration will open on February 1st and run through May 27th.  Registration will start out at $65 individual and $125 partner tribe and will increase by $5 a month starting on February 27th until registration cutoff or sell out.  To register, click here to go to the registration site.

Who can compete?

Any athletic female that is 15 and up can compete.  There are several divisions so you can compete in the one that more closely matches your fitness level.  Prior CrossFit experience is helpful, but not a must.  You can always stop by CrossFit Abyss for a free class and to ask questions before the competition.

What is the registration cap?

We are capping the registration at 120 athletes across all divisions.  Once the cap has been reached registration will be closed.  If you still wish to compete, please contact us to be placed on the waiting list.

How does the event work?

Each athlete will compete in 3 different workouts in their division.  Prior to each workout there will be a briefing that goes over the movement standards and what will and won’t count.  You will have plenty of time between each workout to prepare for the next workout.  After all the athletes have completed all the workouts there will be an awards ceremony announcing the winners of each division.

How do I know what division to register for?

Read through the list below and to determine which division you should register for.  This is not a list of the workouts it is just a guide to assist in division selection.

If you can perform at least 7 of the listed standards in the RX division, we encourage you to register for that division to challenge yourself and keep the divisions competitive.

RX Division:

Snatch 105+
Clean 125+
Double Unders 30+ unbroken
Toes to bar
Chest to bar
Fran 5:00 or less
Grace 4:00 or less
DL 300+
2000m Row 7:30 or less

If you do not meet at least 7 of the standards listed for the RX division then you should register for the Scaled (Master’s if 40+) division. If you need to scale the workout during the competition, you will automatically be moved to the Novice (Non-Scored) division.

**The above standards apply to both individual and team competitors.

Winners in the RXScaled, Masters, RX Tribe, Scaled Tribe, and Masters Tribe Divisions will receive prize packages (value to be determined).  All competitors in all divisions will receive an athlete package that includes a t-shirt, valuable coupons, and other items donated by our sponsors.

What if I can’t complete a WOD the day of the event?

If you cannot complete (safely complete) a workout as prescribed for your division you will be scaled to a level that allows you to complete the workout.  This will automatically move you to the Novice (Non-Scored) Division in the competition.

How do I prepare for the competition?

Prepare for the competition by becoming familiar with CrossFit (if not already) and paying attention to the standards of the movements.  Spend the weeks leading up to the competition making sure you meet the movement standards in your daily workouts (i.e. hip crease below parallel in squats).  Pay close attention to your nutrition and how you feel after a workout.  If you feel completely wiped hours after a normal daily workout chances are you are not properly fueling your body and will not fare well doing 3 workouts in one day.